Hurry Man


Hurry Man

The alarm clock rings. 6 am. or 7, doesn’t matter. You get up and make a coffee, let’s hurry, the meeting is in one hour! Lunch with another crew, then another meeting, now a dinner with your partners parents. Okay, but there’s the question mark: what do you pick up if you try to be stylish all day for several reasons and you’re not a time billionare, moreover, you don’t have the opportunity to change?

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capture-20160620-174534       Instastreet

Who to follow on Instagram?

 A superb advantage of social media, moreover Instagram is that we have the opportunity to follow others posts. To like them and get inspiration from others outfits. We are able to develop ideas and make stylish steps on our own. We all are keen on checking others lives and habits, now it’s time to use this preference in the way of becoming more and more stylish every day! Who are the must-follow bloggers on Instagram? Let us introduce them!

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Rudy Bundini
Jasper Alenis
Street and style by Fabrizio di Paolo

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