Andrea Liguori – Interview

1: Tell me about the beginnings of your carrier in architecture.

I always knew I wanted to become an architect, since I was playing with construction kits and I did, somehow, an inadvertent restyling of some of our furniture. It wasn´t just a profession for me, it was my vocation. Even before graduating I already held courses at University as a Tutor.

Moreover, I’ve been always focused on design. The more I’m doing this job, the more I appreciate, beside designing, the possibility to induce clients, friends and family to reconsider how we think, live and interact with our environment. In this regard I have to mention a name and to express my gratitude to one of the most capable Italian architects, Maria G. Grasso Cannizzo, for mentoring me.


2: What is the most significant source of inspiration for you?

Relaxing and even boredom are the best conditions – my island, its beauty and history are the best sources of inspiration.

You can´t fulfill good projects by focusing on budget, schedules, building codes and client expectations. 


interior Panasonic

3: Which one of your works do you consider your greatest accomplisment?

My biggest project surely still has to be realized. Hence my best projects to date are those who delight their proprietors every day. Sometimes simple houses demand more effort and dedication to details than an entire building.


4: Do you think there’s something common in fashion and architecture? Whats is that?

Both of the two disciplines, architecture and fashion, expresses ideas of personal identity, social and cultural development, reflecting the interests and ambitions of its users. Just as architecture, fashion also intercepts and expresses the change of cities and environments: one uses the buildings, the other the human body.

Another fundamental common aspect is the attention to details. The composition of details creates the big picture. Mies Van Der Rohe once said “God is in details”! In my opinion a valid statement for both, architecture and fashion.

interior bath


5: What is the most important detail a man must pay attention to, regarding his apparel?

The most important aspect is the unity of his overall style and personality. Nevertheless, as an Italian – The choice of your shoes can either upgrade or degrade your style or just spoil it.

profile pic

6: Which one is your favourite brand? Why?

As an Italian I’m really connected to the outstanding Made in Italy itself and to our handicraft. I can´t pull out a single brand, but I appreciate quality and excellent design, even better if the two are combined (e.g. Armani).

Boggi Milan also reflects my style and has a convincing corporate image, competitive quality with affordable prices.


7: What is the most important thing in your life?

Freedom. It is a priceless gift – in every aspect of your life.


8: What is your message to our readers?

To always pursue their dreams, because we have only one life and we decide the plot.


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