The collage artist, Jolanda van Meringen

Jolanda’s works are unique. She refines male beauty, adding some romantic nuances. The Amsterdam-based artist is inspired by men’s fashion photos. We can agree that her art expresses the inexpressible.


 Tell me about the beginning of your career as a visual and collage artist. 

It’s never really been my intention to become a collage artist. What started as moodboards to visualize concepts and trend forecasting reports during my training at the university of arts, has developed into something on it’s own. After I started to post my work on Instagram and Tumblr, a creative agency discovered it. That’s how everything started. My work has undergone considerable development. If you look back at my work two years ago and compare it to my recent works, there are big differences. Now I’m more focused on fashion and especially menswear. But I’m still looking for ways to renew myself everyday.

Jolanda x Ruud Janssen

What is the most significant inspiration for you?

I am mainly inspired by nature and geometric shapes. In my work I often use botanical elements like flowers and leaves. I am also inspired by the image itself. The model for example is very decisive for my crops and elements that I add or delete. And of course I also get inspired by the garments and colors.



Which one of your works do you consider as you biggest success? Why?

My interactive collage installation is my biggest success so far. This because it was my biggest challenge so far. I’ve never made a collage on such a large scale with many different small elements. It took me days to make the installation. I found out the bigger you work surface, the harder it is to make a beautiful composition that overflows and is interesting from both close up and from a distance. With the installation I could develop my work in different ways. So this experience was of a great value to me.

Jolanda x Ruud Janssen 3

Jolanda x Ruud Janssen 2

What kind of role does fashion play in your kind of art?

Fashion plays a big role in my work. My work is an art/fashion crossover. Everything I do or make has to do something with fashion, directly or indirectly. I collaborate regularly with fashion photographers, create artworks for fashion brands or I use images from fashion magazines.



What do you think, what’s the most important item of a man’s appearance?

To be honest I think a man’s smile is the most important item in his appearance. You can wear the most beautiful garments, but if you don’t have a smile it doesn’t work for me. Of course there are different type of smiles. They don’t have to be all very big with a lot of teeth, but it has a huge influence on your overall personality. Let’s say that you have to adapt your apparel to your smile.


Which one is your favourite brand? Why?

I love a lot of brands but my all-time favorite would be Givenchy. I love the way they use graphics and prints. But also the layering and details are very interesting. And don’t get me started on the jewelry! Those are breathtakingly beautiful. Somehow I always want to draw them.


What is your message to our readers? 

Always follow you heart and never lose your integrity.

Jolanda x Letasca

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