Hurry Man

The eternal pieces that help you when you’re out of time

The alarm clock rings. 6 am. Or 7, doesnt matter. You get up and make a coffee, let’s hurry, the meeting is in one hour! Lunch with another crew, then another meeting, now a dinner with your partners parents. Okay, but there’s the question mark: what do you pick up if you try to be stylish all day for several reasons and you’re not a time billionare, moreover, you don’t have the opportunity to change? There’s still hope to dress well, as fashion has a lot of advantages and one of them is that if you possess some basic pieces, you can always look stylish and well-dressed. Yes, all day! Let’s see, what you need to manage your day.

First of all,

an elegant shirt. Yeah, it’s simple and evident,yet still a lot of men try to complicate their wardrobe and that’s why they get lost every morning in the cavalcade of colorful and patterned pieces. Believe us: less is more. Elegant and minimal doesn’t mean simple and boring. Look at these shirts! You can get up them every day for every kind of event, but they aren’t casual or boring, right?


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a pair of shoes that represent your own style. You don’t have any idea how to give a touch of freshness to your outfit in the morning? You don’t need to think a lot. Just take a look at your shoes. A colorful pair of sneakers with a pair of jeans and a white shirt is always an individual, yet easy choice. So stylish!







something individual, something special. No, you don’t have to spend your salary on a tie or suit. You have to gain something that’s totally you. Yours. Something that helps you express your own style. This can be a special hat or even an oldschool briefcase. The fact that it’s totally yours and you’ve integrated it into your set of the day helps you every minute to forget that you had to hurry in the morning.





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