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Let's meet Graziano Di Cintio - interview

Let’s meet Graziano Di Cintio – interview

Graziano Di Cintio is a stylish man and a very inspired person. A stylist, whose style is absolutely perfect. We can learn from him. We can got a lot of advices for our daily outfits. Let’s meet Graziano.

Photography by Acielle – Vogue.com and The New York Times contributor

 We all know that style is more than clothes. What does it mean for you?

I absolutely believe that style is an attitude. Unfortunately nowadays many people think that style is wearing the latest it-piece and spending a lot of money. Style can be the simplest clothes worn with inner-beauty and self-confidence.

Your outfits are very rich in details. What is your favourite garment?

I love details! I am very fussy with details: Color, style and shape have to fit together perfectly. I do not have a favorite garment. I love the look the garments create.

You’re a source of inspiration to other people, but you need inspirations, too. What inspires you the most?

I love art. Art inspired fashion since ages. I also take my inspiration in art.
I also love to take inspiration from Youth Culture. Kids nowadays are very stylish and take care of their style. I love to follow this movement.

 Men’s fashion is becoming more and more informal in the everydays. What do you think, which are those accesories and garments that are must-have for a men’s wardrobe?

I personally believe that a good fitting suit is the must- have for every man´s wardrobe. It true that sportswear and informal is getting bigger and bigger these days, but a man in a perfect fitting suit is, and will ever be amazing. No matter what fashion is dictating right now!

What is your message to our readers?

Be yourself and do not follow trends only because fashion is telling you what is hot or not. Wear what you like and what makes you happy.

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