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Interview with Nathan McGuire

Nathan originally lived in Australia, but had a chance to move to London a few months ago. He works as a model, and his indigenous beauty has inspired many people since then. Welcome him!

 Tell us about the beginning of this adventure… How came the decision to move to London?

While holidaying in Europe, I visited London to meet with Established Models; the connection with the team was instant and they knew the importance of having an Indigenous Australian model on the books internationally. I’m really grateful for the team at Established, they work really hard with me and things have been going amazingly! Moving to London was challenging and took some time to adjust. Aboriginal culture is very family focused, so it was difficult to leave my mob back home, but I feel I have a bigger calling. Now I have been in London for most of 2018, I feel like I am in the swing of things now.

 What is the difference between Australians and English people? How do you feel in England (and Europe)?

I don’t know if there is much of a difference. Australia was built in the shadow of England and has had a major impact on Australia as a country and society. Culturally they are very similar. My own personal perspective comes from growing up as an Aboriginal man within my Noongar culture back home in Perth, Western Australia. I can see where Australia is influenced and where us Aussies have our own flair. I feel energized but also challenged in England. This is a good thing, I like the challenge of living in a country that is so much bigger than where I am from, but still there is the familiarity with Australia and England’s similarities.

 What are your plans for the future?

I am currently working on a project that combines all my passions, culture, points of view, political stances, ethical values and general interests. I’m keen to enhance the landscape of how indigenous Australians and those around the world are seen. I am really excited about it and I hope people tune into my journey via social media and see what is happening. I think it’s going to be really special. I feel like everything I have been doing on this modeling journey has been leading to this point and is what can take me to another level.

Your style is very simple and sophisticated at the same time. Define your personal style in a few words…

Thank you! I always enjoy classic pieces; staple garments in your wardrobe are a necessity. A good pant, coat, blazer, linen shirts, cotton tees, a pair of jeans and some sneakers. I like to keep my color palette to earthy tones, but king to me is navy blue, I’m obsessed with navy blue. A great white shirt should be a part of your wardrobe too. You don’t need to have designer items to have great personal style. It’s how you wear the clothes.

 What are your activities on an average day?

Days away from modeling I am going out for coffee to start my day. If I am by myself I am working on my project and getting obsessed with what I am doing with that. I love to listen to music as well while I work it gets me on a roll. If I am with someone we will be discussing our creative ideas and concepts. So that keeps me inspired. My friends really push me to go further and make me think outside the box. I will go to the gym and use up some energy and to help realign my mind. I try to meditate as often as I can because it is important, now more than ever to be in tune with your thoughts and emotions, look after your body, mind and soul. I love to cook! Having a plant based diet; I am always trying to make meals interesting. So in one form or another I am always working hard but in the best way possible.

 Who is the most inspiring person for you?

The most inspiring person for me is my oldest sister, Shannon McGuire. She was one of the first Aboriginal models to be signed to a modeling agency and working within the Australian fashion industry. She made such a big impact on our community and continues to do so with her work and women’s empowerment programs with The Wirrpanda Foundation and Miss NAIDOC Program in Perth, Australia. The program brings young Aboriginal women from all walks of life together and builds on strengthening their roles within the community. It’s a platform for them to also discuss and try resolving issues that face our community and having that dialogue between strong, culturally aware women is very empowering and promising for our future. So many people, artists, music, my peers inspire me that I could write a whole list! I hope to be able to do half the great work she has done.

What is your message to our readers?

My message is try finding your unique voice, perspective, motive or action. In this day and age we are getting too caught up in the pace and pressure to appear successful or create a life that isn’t a true reflection of our soul or spirit. Look after your spirit, mind and body. I certainly have my moments of frustration and feel like things aren’t moving but something always propels me forward. Take it easy on yourself and keep chipping away at your goals and dreams. My goal and dream is to give more voice and visibility to Indigenous Australians in their field and passion. My new project pushes that agenda and I look forward to sharing more with you in the future! Thank you to Mandrawn for giving me this opportunity and interview!

Photographer: Dominic Eichler

Stylist: David Hawkins

Model Nathan McGuire  at Established Models

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