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Is there style beyond instagram? Let's talk

Is there style beyond instagram? Let’s talk

Photography by Mate Gregus  

An authentic style is characterized by an aptitude for taste and vision, that comes from a a persons character and fits it perfectly. In todays world, driven by social media trends. Many people form an opinion according to a Facebook or Instagram profile, deducing your sense of style.

But is this method accurate enough? Sometimes is pretty hard to decide if a person just follows the actual social media tendecies or he/she is a geniune individual. Many people are doing a great work, day by day, choosing, sorting and thinkig out their outfits.

Hence the title: is there style beyond Instagram? Because it’s a relentless work, a continuous search to achieve the best combination, to find the best colours, to think out the most beautiful shapeThus, raising above the expectations and common perspectives. Improving the quality of life and self-confidence of those who are willing to dare. Starting a chain reaction, inspiring others.

Nowdays this  is an important topic. Sometimes we go with the flow, sometimes we are dissatisfied with the trends. Our instincts and perceptions are important, they make us different and unique. We must learn how to use them correctly and effectively.

Listen to your heart, as the saying goes.

#beyou #mandrawnsoul

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