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Jonathan Cannaux (Interview by J. Felner)

Jonathan Cannaux (Interview by J. Felner)


When doing these interviews, sometimes they come about after a very first meeting and such is the case here with Jonathan Cannaux. Selecting a subject is a roll of the dice as you just never know whether or not that person will react and respond in an engaging way. Jonathan is one of those surprises that upon meeting, I was amazed to see that the photographic images don’t begin to capture the real person who was sitting beside me. He speaks with great candor and is self-effacing in the most charming of ways.


That said, and by no means is this negative, Jonathan is warm, almost boyish with incredible eyes and well … the French accent doesn’t hurt at all. What the camera captures is the professional in him, he plays to the camera and camera captures the model/actor in him ….  He is captivatingly handsome with the requisite flawless body, million dollar smile and the perfect subject of any photograph without being just another face in the crowd.

As if that isn’t enough, you will read that he is a man of determination and great charisma with a great sense of reality. He is genuine, intelligent, endearing and well … it all just adds to his allure plus the fact that quite simply said … the camera loves him. It is my privilege and honor to introduce you to him and to offer you the chance to meet a credit to his craft as well as someone I can now call my friend.

In his own words…


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your work and why you decided that being a model is your calling?

I always wanted to be the one in a group of people that get all the attention and that make everybody laughing. I really like being shown in my best state and shape. Some people will think that is a selfish and an egocentric behavior and I want to say … yes it is and I’m fine with that.

Maybe I’m wrong but I believe for being a model you have to kind of love yourself inside and out and be comfortable with it. Otherwise how can you go to an agency and say “Hi I want to be a model” because by saying that you are actually saying: “Hi I think I am a good looking guy and I can be and I want to be on a cover of a magazine so everyone can see me”.  Someone that is not comfortable with his/her body and self can’t do that.  Not because of his/her physicality because I think every single human being is beautiful somehow but because of his/her lack of self-confidence.


So that’s why I think modeling is my calling, because I have self-confidence and I really enjoy the fact to be on the front of the camera and be able to play with the product such as shoes, fragrance or clothes and make it looking better with a combination of my skill and the designer directions.


Do you have any mentors or icons that you follow or admire/respect or possibly “model” yourself after and why them?

Not really. Because I think having an icon/mentor and trying to be inspired by this person it’s like doing something that has been already been done. You don’t create something new when you try to reproduce or emulate someone else work. You don’t use your potential of creativity at 100%.  I think in the industry of art and fashion if you want to be better than someone else you have to be different at some point. And being different is doing something that belongs to you, something that comes from the bottom of your heart and from the soul not something that somebody else has done.

A lot of very famous artists (actors, musicians, models…) have done AMAZING and incredible stuff and I’m so respectful and amazed by what they have done, but good for them, they had their time. Now let’s move forward and think about the future. Let’s see what we can do better. Let’s see how far we can push ourselves towards the creativity of tomorrow.


If you could invite any 5 people to dinner who would they be and why?

My father, my mother, my two sisters and my brother. Why??  Why do we need a reason for having dinner with our family? LOL


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