You know: the outside is the reflection of the inside.

Oi, it’s Barbi here! I’m likely to be the new columnist of the magazine. Maybe it’s a bit odd, that here’s a girl again who wants to be so clever about men, but believe me, in some ways I’m quite a bit masculine.

Anyway I don’t think that only a man should/can write for men and only a woman for women. If you’re just repeating and repeating your own standpoint you just get stuck on a level, and you can’t enlarge your viewpoint. Both sexes need the opinion of the opposite one but without stereotypes – and this is where I wanted to lead up to. As you can see this is a male magazine, but not about tits, butts, cars and you won’t find out how to be the biggest sexgod or whatever. These are the things that DON’T make you a real man. Real men, first of all – just like women – are humans. They handle their fellows the way they want to be handled. Classy gents with a pinch of rock n roll (or vice versa;)).

(Jason O’Shea)

They know who they are or who they want to become. They aren’t frightened of their feelings, they live, interpret and testify them. Real men dare to make mistakes, admit and ask for help. Inquisitive but critical to themselves and also to the world around them. They don’t take life too seriously; at the same time, they’re humorous, witty, determined and trustworthy.


(Gianluca Vacchi)

And last but not least they are not vain but have high set of standards. Yes, in clothing as well. No, it doesn’t mean they have to be toff, their standards being equally expensive. Having standards means that you know yourself well enough to express your personality with your appearance. You know: the outside is the reflection of the inside.

(Bartek Borowiec)


Real man pays attention, learns, progresses and cares for himself and their beloved ones. Just like the most human…

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