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5 ways to avoid bad dates in the universe of social media


Nothing special. You meet someone who seems to be really cool on a really cool-person-meeting app with the help of your phone or tablet, and decide to meet this really cool person. Then comes the problematic part: maybe she is a hundred miles far from being cool. Maybe she turns out to be too cool to handle. Or wherever between these two possibilities. Anyway: you must admit that the situation is far more complicated than hangin’ out together, right?

The only way to avoid an awkward date or being introduced to the parents after the second meeting is to consider these dating apps as blind dates. Checking out photos and a facebook wall does not provide you with the most important informations, moreover because they turned out to be unbelievably false sometimes. Okay, yet still there’s that huge question mark: how can you avoid total confusion? Let us show some filters that can help you decide that the meeting is worth it or not.

Before the date

Normally, there’s no better method than divination, but after a huge amount of bad dates we have to admit that our senses often happen to converge to zero. That’s still not a problem, as we have a lot of signs that can help us define the coolness of the ’targeted’ girl.


No, this is not a joke. Posting selfies on facebook are a bit more superficial than managing an instagram page with nice and thematically important photos. Is she keen on music? Animals? Sports? Or worse? You can absolutely check out the style of the girl on her instagram. What is more, if she has a blog or an own site where she shows her hobbies or lifestyle.

Being asked out – cool or not?

Well, that’s always a huge question: is the girl brave and cool if she decides to ask you out first, or is she only searching for some one-night adventure? Honestly, no one knows that at the first sight. But if you are chatting for more than four or fives days, believe us, that’s only cool. She is brave enough to handle your situation, and would like to get to know you better. Be careful: if she is asking for a date in her second sentence, maybe she is not that wifey-type… Your decision!

Online all day

Okay, everyone has those lazy days when even getting out of bed seems to be impossible, so we hang on our phone and apps all day. But if she is texting you back in one minute and bombing you all day with messages and emojis, maybe you have to think over this sticky dating-thing…

Selfie and s(ex)ms

Is she sending you selfies about herself and her dog or friends, almost always highlighting her body, especially her boobs? Red light. If you are looking for a serious girl, and not a one-night experience, better tell her the truth.


You send her a smiley, she sends one back. A little talk – nice chatting, and the girl is ghosting you. After two days she responds. And this goes on and on. Believe us, she is not into you. Once or twice it’s okay, as maybe she is really busy with her work – but think it through. Nowadays who is so busy that she cannot answer in two days? Better let her go. Or ask her out, and who knows, maybe she won’t come in two days of delay to the date. It’s up to you: Do you need this?


All in all, beside our senses, there are millions of howling signs that the girl on that app is not the girl that you are looking for in reality. But the best to consider is your intention, furthermore, to tell your intentions to that girl. Just to avoid those really awkward, falling on your knees-confusions…


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