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The concept of the movement called ’slow fashion’ isn’t a new task in the fashion dictionary of stylish people. Still, it truly needs to be supported to achieve its target: to slow down our fashion-habits. Just a little bit.

In the last ten years the group of people who tried to fight cheap mass-production got bigger and more supported. Beside this process, sometimes we feel that no one is really keen on fighting for people who work 16 hours a day in a textile factory to earn starvation wages. Or just think about the amount of the wasted textile each year. Fashion turned out to be the second most polluting industry after the oil sector. But this takes place too far from us. We don’t feel our responsibility while affording a huge amount of money each day for fast fashion. A nice jacket, those beautiful, colorful pants, not to talk about a new, patterned tie! It’s time to examine our environmentally important decisions and habits to help ourselves and thousands of people to live their lives in a higher quality -way.


The question arises. What is our task to be more responsible, moreover to possess a much more individual style? Because following slow fashion doesn’t only include being helpful and conscious. It provides us with the possibility of being extraordinary. Stylish. Picking out high-quality pieces of clothes from crowded offers of fast-fashion bits, trying to be faithful to our clothes by mixing them in an excellent, individual way. The best thing in slow fashion is that besides being responsible we can also be prowd of our new, clever style.



   While our clothing is the first attribution that’s noticeable on us, sometimes we consider our shopping habits as buying a bag of chips. Of course, this is a normal method. Spending money on a new home and providing ourselves with the best living conditions are so expensive, that we (normally) try to be individual by following fashion in a cheaper way. So we often happen to act in hase in the most popular department stores, without thinking about our available, flawless pieces at home. Do you often think through the consequences of your habits? No? No problem. The thinking method of slow fashion helps you overthink this process in a few ways.

First step:  Try to keep your clothes alive. Keep them in their original shape. Simply keep them. Believe us, they will be thankful. If you happen to see some pieces boring, pack them away. After a few months, pack them out. Your brain will consider those pants as new, stylish pieces. Without shopping!

Second step: Do you have size problems? You don’t want to keep those clothes? Sell them! Or simply donate them to needies. But never threw them away! They don’t deserve this kind of treatment.

Third step: Try to avoid fast pieces. Always check the origin place where that nice T-shirt was made. Believe us, this method can help you filtering the most unique pieces.

Fourth step: Mix your clothes! Trying out new sets means bravery and not idiocy. Idiocy is simply with not trying out new ways of dressing up!

Fifth step: Follow conscious designers. They always motivate us to use pieces made of biodegradable commodities.

Being conscious is cool. Being responsible is the new wave of fashion.


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