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We heart Street

3 reasons to follow street style

It’s a fact, that street style is getting more and more fashionable each day. By the campaigns of the biggest brands shooted on the streets, this genre is becoming popular and cool as we feel it near to our everyday lives and situations. But what more reasons does street fashion provide to follow?




Do we need to explain? By following street you absolutely have the opportunity to feel special even while catching the bus in the morning. Believe us, you are totally close to this man on the pictures. Isn’t that a damn good feeling?



   All eyes on us

Imagine: running into the coffeeshop to grab some coffein for work, and no, not in your everyday-routine way. Of course, sometimes we happen to get soaked during our run back to work, and yes, we do happen to pour our cup of coffee on ourselves. What if we happen to do it in a stylish way? Much better…



One of the biggest advantages of following street style is to get inspired by the outfits of street campaigns, social media or even people you meet on your way! Think it over: getting motivated because of an extremely unique outfit on your way home. Next step: shaping your tomorrow-outfit to these thoughts. And inspire others! Nice circulation, isn’t it?


Special thanks to Mate Gregus. All photos from him.


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