Where fashion meets art

Or art meets fashion?

Just a fashion show. A new collection. Models. Runway. People, who are interested, furthermore keen on fashion and try to catch up with the new trends. Are you a member of that group? Even if the answer’s gist is no, you still had to feel once that awkward feeling by meeting one of those truly extraordinary, sometimes weird sets. Is it really supposed to be fashion? Or just a projection of an artist’s soul?


To be honest, these two concepts were found to live extremely close to each other. Even a nice tie is a piece of art, at the same time a piece of an autumn/winter collection as well. And a piece of your wardrobe. Do you consider your clothes as work of art? That’s the new point of view, so you’re on the right way to pile up your own style. Yet still, we do not owe the knowledge: what does the artistic nature of clothing depend on?


Sometimes collections aren’t born to be sold. Sometimes they simply aim to give rise to indignation in the audience. To be honest, that’s how art is (or has to be) defined. Something that causes  strong impression. Something that deserves argues and extremity. Something that makes us feel individual. That’s why designers fashion shows aren’t always about the next season’s pieces. They’re supposed to demonstrate the designer’s artistic abilities and opinion about the world around us, using the next season’s occasion, so we can decide to go with his/her flow or to fight against those implied perceptions.


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